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Outstanding creative design, high visibility and full support for your new website




Outstanding creative design, high visibility and full support for your new website

Website Design & SEO Service in Cockermouth, Cumbria

Cockermouth based website designer creating low cost, effective sites for local small businesses. 

Do you need a website designer?

So, you’ve made the decision to build a website or have a website built by a designer. Fantastic! If you have some editing skills, and know your way around the backend of a website platform, then you can most likely create a site which will look like you pictured it. The problems that go along with building your own website may not be obvious to you until you find that you only get a trickle of visitors.

Hiring a website designer to build a website for you can be a great investment. A good designer will consider all aspects of the build, including, your focus keywords & how search engines index them, the structured hierarchy of pages, internal navigation, the user experience, calls to action, the mobile compatibility of the site, the design & so much more. Having your site built by a skilled designer will get results and improve your bottom line.

The best advertising you'll ever pay for

If you’re already the owner of a well designed and built website, you will know the benefits the site brings to your business. Searching for the items people want to buy or the services they need is increasingly starting online. If your business is not part of the online search world, then you’re not included in the decision making process. A website which is optimised for relevant search terms will reach thousands more people than your Social Media pages.

Organic search results are free advertising for your business. You can take advantage of this free business marketing with a simple website that showcases what you sell or you can sell products online for extra cashflow.

Once your website is built, you have the site for the lifetime of your business, working for you 24/7. 

Cockermouth based Web Design

Having your website designer living and working locally makes the process much easier than dealing with a national company. I get to know my client’s businesses and deliver websites that reflect exactly what the owner expects. I build sites for businesses within Cockermouth and the surrounding towns, trying to stay as local as possible, so that I can offer a professional, personalised service. Working from The Vicky Business Centre in Cockermouth is an ideal location and central to the West Cumbria region.

Have your small business website built for you by an experienced designer. If you have a site which needs a makeover, update to a hard working, beautiful and effective website.

Mobile phone web browsing is on the increase, so it’s important that your website is seamlessly responsive. Your site can be customised to suit any screen size.

Add cashflow and join the growing number of small businesses taking advantage of the popularity of the on-line marketplace. Sell more stock in-store and deliver nationally.

Local search results explained. Find out how to increase the number of people who find your business through local search results and improve your cashflow.

Search Engine Optimisation puts your site’s pages in front of the customers looking for your type of business. Get ‘Google friendly’ and maximise your website’s exposure.

Editing or updating your new website can be a difficult learning curve for a business owner. Personalised on-line support is available for new or existing websites.

Recent Work

Getting On-line

A website like the one you’re looking at now can cost less than £300 to set up. Having a site built for you by someone with 15 years experience in the industry means it can happen very quickly and save you time and money.

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